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Artistís Statement

I am a landscape artist.The fine photographic print for me has a special richness, power and beauty that is different from any other medium.Through my lens I can see snippets of reality that evolve, through my printing process, into an image that exceeds the original scene.


Over the past few years my focus has been refined to looking at the world in graphic detail.In the natural environment, I explore the surfaces of rocks or shapes of trees cropped to expose the mysteries my eyes have discovered.In the urban landscape, I look closely at the marks left in the environment by human endeavour and human folly.

While the details found in nature may sometimes be whimsical, magical or even spiritual in vision, the urban details are often darker and have a more disturbing feeling.I like this contrast.

It is fitting somehow, in a time when there is so much confusion in the world, that the photographic image can provoke thought and also help us to find comfort.

It is my intent that the viewer will be inspired to take the time to ask the questions and to find some answers within my images and in the world around them.


I am a Toronto born artist that has been studying the art of photography for thirty years.

For the past twenty years I have been devoting my creative energies solely to my art.

Formal education was taken at Ryerson Polytechnical Institute and the Canadian Centre for Photography.

Teaching has included basic black and white photography in the Toronto Continuing Education system.