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handscape - 2018






There is oral language. There is written language.

There is sign language. There is body language.

And there is a language that does not get much attention:

the subconscious gestures of human hands.


As with all languages, the gestures of expression contained

in hands is often vague, inexact and easily misinterpreted.

We are most often aware of this language of the hands

when we see or view speech makers: political, religious,

teachers, inspirational speakers.


As it seems lately, the clear and correct ways of communication

are slowly getting vague and inaccurate. Or easily misinterpreted.

By being more conscious of our own language of the hand,

we can more clearly communicate and augment our own

expression of thoughts and ideas.


However, as with all languages, the language of the hand

is not always an exact science. And the intent in our communications

is not always correctly interpreted. Rooted in the earth.
















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