on the dune series 2013




The beauty and intrigue of these dunes, found near the shore of Lake  Ontario,


has been eluding my various cameras and lens for years.  With the pinhole


camera however, the dune has finally been done justice.  Is it the wide angle


view?  The deep depth of focus?  The slight edge distortion?  The natural light


fall-off that  creates the vignetting along the borders of the exposure?  The rich


dynamic tonal range, like that of a platinum print?  Or the romantic softness,


like that of a photogravure?  All these elements have combined to capture this


unique landscape as it feels when standing there, on the dune.









on the dune no. 1










on the dune no. 2








on the dune no. 3






on the dune no. 6










on the dune no. 7







on the dune no. 8







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