B. Anderson is a professional artist

working in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

E-mail address: info@banderson.ca




About the Series



Barkskin Series - 2018 this series of 4 images looks closely at the ancient bark patterns

of a tree near Lake Ontario.


Savannah Morning Series - 2018 this series of 4 images was on a peaceful morning

before the mist has lifted.


Handscape Series this series of 6 images explores the expressions created by two hands

and looks to understand this method of communications.


Below the Surface Series - 2017 this series of 4 images was shot and printed digitally.

 One piece of cloth below the water's surface moving with the currents.


Ode to Analog - 2017 this series of 4 images was shot with a pinhole camera directly exposing positive

 print paper. No lens or enlarging. Purely analog.


Tools My Father Gave Me - 2016 this series of 12 images was shot and printed digitally.

Six hand held tools with contrasting attitudes.


Georgian Bay Shore Series - 2015 this series of images was shot on near the shore of the lake. Itutilizes the photographic characteristics of the pinhole camera to create a beauty beyond the reality.


RV Station - Lake Superior Series - 2014 this series of images was shot on near the shore of LakeSuperior.  Human mechanical equipment hidden in the woods.


                                         Dune Trees - Lake Huron Series - 2014  this series of images of dune trees was shot on the shore of Lake Huron. The pinhole camera capturing the wind in the trees.


On The Dune Series - 2013  the beauty and intrigue of these dunes, found near the shore of Lake  Ontario,has been eluding my various cameras and lens for years. 


On The Rocks Series - 2012  these images of rock surfaces are without indication of scale or distance as perceived by the camera and viewer.  This visual complexity adds to the abstract feel of the image and the intrigue and beauty of these ancient rocks.


Walking Tree Series - 2011 in this series the images manage to create a moment when the Dryads awake.


Elemental Series - 2010 in this series the viewer is invited to consider the landscapes portrayed as something that has been tampered with.


Definition Series - 2009 is a series of eight photo-based works that explores the relationship between contextualization and abstraction by way of  elementary definition and photographic fact.


The Prophet Stones - 2008 are ten diptychs that document found stones and the words that the Sayers told about the future.


Lakeshore Series - 2007 looks the urban landscape that exists on or near Lake Ontario.


Bone Series - 2006 finds bones weathered and white.


Rock Pile Series - 2006 are found on the shore of a lake.


Bush at Sunset Series 2006 is a five portrait series of the same bush on a usually tumultuous lake, taken at the same time, five days in a row.


Rock, Wood, Bone Series 2006 looks at rock, wood and bone.


Brave Tree - 2005 finds ancient trees that have battled the elements for hundreds of years and though weathered and struggling, are alive and beautiful.


Dark Forest - 2005 looks into the depth of a young forest and our fear and ignorance of the ecological future.


Shore Marks - Lake Superior - 2004 isolates reality through the artist’s subjective perceptions. His ecological philosophy uses the organic appearances in rock to illustrate the concept of connectivity of the entire universe as an organic whole.


Post Script Series - 2004 captures a variety of urban markers posted to tell the world their painful warnings and loss of childhood.


Still Water – Lake Superior - 2003 explores the mysteries below the water trapped in the rocks above the lake.  These 24” x 30” images boldly take the view to another time and place.


Roadside - Highway 11 - 2003 documents and relates the icons/kitsch objects people display in front of their northern Ontario homes, stores or towns.


Superior Wood Series – 2002 is a grouping of ten images shot along the eastern shore of Lake Superior.  These are details of large pieces of wood and within those details lay the lines of mystery and the spirit of lake and land.


Selected Work 1999 - 2002 is a retrospective of some of the images that have been exhibited.  These images were shot and printed in previous years and give examples in natural and urban landscapes.






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